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‘Wardrobe Full, Nothing to Wear’ Home Study Action Program: How to Clear Out, Revitalise and Begin to Modernise Your Clothes and Accessories

Created for women of all ages, this ground-breaking 7-Step Program walks you through the challenges every woman faces as she tries to keep her wardrobe in check.
This one-of-a-kind program contains information, tools and strategies to tackle the three major worries that stop us from completely clearing out many of our clothes and accessories ie (1) clinging to emotions and memories attached to some clothes, (2) not knowing where to donate our good-quality clothes and (3) what to replace them with, that is better than, we had before.
Learn Margaret’s gentle, humorous and assertive approach to dealing with the emotional and the practical. As part of the bonuses, Margaret includes strategies and sample words for you to use to avoid ever again becoming a dumping ground. Learn how to stop taking other women’s unwanted clothes, other women’s gifts of ‘thought you’d like this’ clothes and other women’s uninvited fashion advice.

My Private Stylist: Fill Your Wardrobe with ‘Wow’ Styles and Save Heaps of Money
Begin a journey of personal style discovery. This is a journey that will change the way you look at yourself, clothes and fashion forever. My Private Stylist has been designed to simplify your life, make shopping for clothes easier and help you to look and feel your very best.

Once you know you look great your self-esteem and self-confidence will increase dramatically. You will walk, talk and think differently. This will cause others to recognise and respond to you in a positive way. Confidence in yourself and your appearance will cause doors to magically open and attract new and exciting opportunities your way. Business and social relationships will blossom and your chances of career advancement will be significantly improved.
How to Be Professional & Memorable when Speaking in Public: Simple Strategies to Kick-start your Speaking Career to Look & Act like the Expert You Are

Over the years as a member of various business organisations and attending lots of networking events, Margaret has watched and noted the simple mistakes amateur speakers make that cause them to lose their audience and leave potential income on the table.
Not only does this step-by-step program contain simple image and colour psychology tips, Margaret also adds insider secrets that will add to your perceived professionalism by impressing event organisers. The eBook, Audio, Cheat Sheet and Checklist will walk you through the 5 SIMPLE STEPS to come across to both your audience and the event organisers as a professional, confident and successful role model.

Your Stories of Everyday Courage are Worth $$$ to Your Brand and Your Business: Mobilise Your Personal Stories to make Effective Connections and Attract a Higher Level of Client

Stories are the most powerful way to relate to other people when you are speaking or writing. They are easier to remember than a lecture on facts and figures.
Most of your potential clients are everyday people who have dreams and goals they want to achieve. These people want to know if you are someone like them who at various times, had to show courage in your everyday lives to overcome your obstacles to success.
This program by Margaret will help you recall and remember your stories, see the qualities your clients appreciate and feel the power of a story over a lecture.
Svelte in Style - How to look and feel great while losing weight
by Jill Chivers & Imogen Lamport

   Sweet Price - US$27.00

Wouldn’t you love to look and feel great while you are losing weight?
Well now you can!
'Svelte in Style: How to look and feel great while losing weight' is your secret weapon as you lose weight
Yes you’re committed to losing some weight. Maybe it’s a little, maybe it’s a lot. You know it’s important for your health but you don’t feel great as you’ve lost your style and you’re no longer sure how to dress your body.
Jill & Imogen have the answers for you in Svelte in Style: How to Look and Feel Great While Losing Weight.