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Margaret as a Speaker
Margaret as a Speaker

 Margaret is available to speak on many topics related to Dressing Well when you think you have nothing to wear.

Here are some of the Topics Margaret has spoken on:

   'How to Be Memorable when Speaking in Public' - 24 March 2011 to 'Public Speaking Secrets Revealed' Meetup Group.

   'Be Irrestible - Attract More Clients by the Way you Dress' - to Coffs Harbour Business Swap members.

   '3 Simple Tips to Modernise Your Wardrobe' - fundraising talk for Innocents Relief.

   'Why Your Stories are Worth $$$ to Your Business' - to Brisbane Business Swap members.

   'The Most Important Brand in the World - You' - to Brisbane Business Swap members.

   Here are some Topics related to Margaret's Upcoming Book "Wardrobe Full, Nothing to Wear':

   'Why Do We keep Clothes We Never Wear? And How to happily get rid of them'

   'How to Say NO to Unwanted Gifts of Clothes & Fashion Advice'

   'The SSMMARTR Action Plan'

Here is a Topic related to Women's Confusion about how to Dress for themselves:

 'I'd Dress Like Me if Only I Knew who I Really Am'