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Services + FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions
Why choose an Image Teacher rather than an Image Consultant?
An Image Consultant will often sell you a product with little follow-up to see if you are using it well. Some women also use an Image Consultant as their personal dresser – 'organise my life without me worrying about it.'
As an Image Teacher, I help you do-it-yourself. I teach you how to use the products so you have the why and the how. As an experienced teacher I show you not what is but what can be and what you can be. And if you choose to go that way, I encourage you every step of the way.

The result is that you enjoy exploring and shopping for yourself as you create your unique fashion style and personality with my guidance and support.
I am scared about changing the way I look because it won’t be me.

As an Image Teacher, I do not tell you how you should look and dress. We are a partnership. I listen to your future goals, needs and the lifestyle you want to create. Then I use all my skills, techniques and products to inspire you to have the courage and confidence to reveal who you really are to yourself and to the world. It’s a process that takes time because you’ve often hidden parts of yourself to please others. It takes more than one session to confidently become yourself.
I’ll visit an Image Teacher when I lose more weight.

How long have you been using this excuse? Are you really on a weight loss program or are you just talking about it? Look honestly at your weight loss story. Losing weight will not change your basic body shape. It will make it more defined. The styles that suit you now will also suit you when or if you lose weight. Learn the skills to look great whatever your size and shape. You deserve to treat yourself well because if you don’t do it, no-one else will.
What does a Personal Colour Swatch do for me?

It’s not just the Swatch. It’s being taught how to use it. Your Personal Colour Swatch gives you your best 6 colours that will draw attention to your face. You’ll receive lots of compliments and people will listen to you rather than be distracted by other people and things in the background. You’ll walk out the door every day feeling in harmony with your body. You’re happy to dress to say ‘This is me! Take it or leave it!’ And the Swatch gives you your best colours for eye shadow, lipstick, your new car, your home furnishings, your business card and your website.
I plan to be a Speaker. Can you help me?

Yes. You have to appeal first to the person who will book you to speak in person, on radio or on TV. Then you have to appeal to your audience so that they buy your product or service. Organisers do judge on appearances and your website and promotion photo needs to flatter you. This is where a Personal Colour Swatch, Style Portfolio and Fashion Personality Guide come together to help you present your true image to the public. And lastly I teach you a few tips and tricks for dressing for the venue and different audiences.
What is the Secret to a Woman who always looks good every time you meet her?

The secret is that she’s a woman who treats her body as a whole rather than a series of parts she likes or doesn’t like. She is not her big bottom or her slim legs. But she has learnt to play up her good features and presents herself as a complete package. She accepts compliments gracefully and doesn’t talk about all her so-called faults to others. She has learnt to combine colours, patterns, modern and classic clothes and accessories so that you see a total person with a real personality. It’s a learned skill not something you are born with. And you can learn it too.
Where do you suggest I start?
That depends on your goals and your budget.
Budget very tight – Read free articles on my Blog – and/or subscribe to my monthly newsletter for tips and tricks you can apply immediately.
Budget up to $150.00 – Start with a Workshop or DIY Booklet that addresses your most worrying problem. This way you can start the process of discovering the real, modern you, one small powerful change at a time.
Budget up to $1,500 – Book in for an individual Colour Session, Body Shape Session or a Fashion Personality Session. Or combine all of them over a period of 3 months. Get the tools, skills and secret tips that build a confident you, one step at a time.