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What Colour can do for You
You are not sure which colours suit you best, which ones make you look and feel good and which colours draw people and compliments to you.
The right colours do all of that for you.
They brighten, soften or make you feel elegant. And you know deep down that’s truly who you are. And you want to feel that joy every day.
The best colours for you will have you smiling as you check out your appearance before walking out the door. Then you happily get on with your day or evening because you are at peace with yourself from head to toe. And others will notice it and want to employ you, make friends with you or use your products and services.
If even one colour (eg your lipstick shade) is out of harmony with everything else, people will feel it even if they can’t tell you what’s wrong. It distracts them from connecting with you and can affect your future work direction or income.
What you really want is someone who encourages you to have the courage to play with different colours, patterns and colour combinations so you can reveal who you really are to yourself and to the world.
Where do you suggest I start?
If you are looking for free tips, go to Fashion Over 45 Blog to read my articles.
If you are ready to begin, you may like to start with a Workshop
‘5 Simple Ways to Colour Your Wardrobe for Pleasure & Profit’ which teaches you how to extend or liven up your wardrobe with Your WOW Personal Colours.

 If you are ready for an In-person Colour Session, you'll learn -
 -       Your 6 Best WOW Colours
     -       How to mix and match colours to extend your wardrobe
 -       How to use colour to be assertive or gentle
     -       How to spruce up your clothes when your colour choices are limited
        -   How to get the most from your Personal Colour Swatch & CD files

What is an Individual Colour Session?
This is where you come without make-up to have your colours analysed. I look at your skin type, your eyes and your hair colour in a one-hour session to show you what your basic colouring is. You would receive a Personal Colour Swatch and CD with more explanation on it. I include in this a 2-hour session to help you understand how to use the swatch and especially how dressing in your best Level of Contrast will give an instant lift to your looks and how you feel about yourself.
This would be a good place to start if you feel that you always default to wearing a lot of one or two colours (especially black) and you want to feel more alive and energised.