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Body Shape & Fashion Personality Sessions
What Body Shape & Fashion Personality Sessions can do for You -
Have you ever had one of those ‘What was I thinking’ moments when you look in your wardrobe. The colour is perfect for you but the style now send shivers up your spine as you remember what the salesgirl/ your friend/ or your mind said to convince you that you needed it.
Colour is one part of a 4-part formula. Success is having a wardrobe of clothes and you wear everything in it regularly.
It’s about being modern and adapting the latest fashion to a confident womanly way of wearing it.
Your body shape may get softer with age. But you won’t change from pear-shape to hourglass if you weren’t an hourglass shape when young. Diet and exercise won’t change your bones. They will change the covering over the bones.
Where do you suggest I start?
If you are looking for free tips, go to my Baby Boomer Personal Stylist Website to read my articles.
If you are ready to step up a level, email or call for information on either a individual Personal Style Portfolio, a Fashion Personality Session, a Modern Dressing Session or a combination of any of these.

-      -    Which shapes and design features make your personal body shape look great
-       -   The fashion styles that suit everybody – both classic and modern
-       -   How to dress to bring out the other parts of your personality
-       -   Why wearing accessories is your secret compliment attractor
-  How to make shopping and dressing exciting and fun again

What is an Individual Body Shape Session?
There are 2 ways to do this.

The first is the simple version. It is a 2-hour session for women who are looking for some quick rules to follow that make it easy to decide whether clothes you are considering buying are flattering to you. It combines an analysis of your body and your face shape because the two together make up a complete picture of who you are. It also includes information about the basic classic and modern styles that suit every woman’s shape.
The second is for those women who like more detail and want an individualised Style Solutions Portfolio that takes into account every detail of your body and face shape and prominent features such as large thighs, sway back, flat bottom etc. In the first one-hour session, I take many measurements which give this complete picture. The measurements are sent away & an Individualised colour Style Solutions Portfolio is created for you. It also comes with a Mini Shopping Guide. The Style Solutions Portfolio has pictures of each style feature plus telling you whether this is great style for you, okay or one to avoid. In the second session when your individualised Portfolio is ready, I teach you what everything means and how to use it to get the most from it.
These would be a good place to start if you feel that when you buy clothes, you have no idea what you should be looking for to find those that will make your best bits look better and your not-so-good bits look less prominent.

What is an Individual Fashion Personality Session?
This is the third piece of the puzzle and together, they all make it simple for you to dress well 90% of the time (We all have the occasional fashion disaster or not-so-good look). This is a 2-hour session to help you define what image you want to present to the world through the clothes you wear. You complete a process to discover the three main parts to your fashion personality to create a style that people recognise as you. Most of us bring out one side only of our personality and this helps you bring out the other sides of you. It helps people remember you and pay you compliments because you are a person they can recognise as being true to your real self. Sometimes the colour can be right, the style can be perfect but you still don’t wear it. The answer is that it’s not true to your real personality.
This would be a good place to start if you feel that it’s time to stop being a follower of fashion and develop an individual style that suits who you are now and who you want to be in the future.