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About Me
About Me


I am Margaret Sims - a proud Australian, live in Brisbane and have a husband and 2 adult sons.
At 53 I decided to walk away from my previous career – teaching Business & Computing Skills – to do something for myself. It was a big decision – bigger than I thought at the time. The past 10 years have been exciting, terrifying and tumultuous. I got lost for a while but am now back on track.
My focus has changed from serving teenagers to helping women who want to dress to show the world who you really are inside. My clients have taught me what my special talents are and what they really want to know. I’ve listened to them and now conduct workshops to answer the challenges that women face today. I still teach because a tool without the skills to use it is useless.
My secret mission is to have clothing designers, manufacturers and retailers wake up to a very large Baby Boomer market that wants quality, stylish clothes at reasonable prices. We won’t become invisible like our mothers. Join me if you still want to be mentally alive and contribute to society in a meaningful way.
Dressing with style is not easy but I’m determined to find the answers to teach you what you need to know and where to find it.

Secret Talent No Longer a Secret - My first organised sport was as a Marching Girl for Mitchelton Youth Club.
What Strengths & Skills I offer You –
I’ve taught teenagers and adults for many years. So I’ve learnt something about the gentle art of Inspiration – being a role model, showing you why as well as how, giving you the tools to start practising and offering words of praise and encouragement when required.
I’ve trained in Colour & Image with Beauty for All Seasons and The Australian Image Company.
I’ve learnt business & personal skills at Business Swap, Wonderful Web Women, Business Coffee & Chat and every networking event I’ve been to in the last 10 years.
I’ve even put into practice some of the things I’ve read from lots of business and personal development books.
And I still eagerly read eZines from Ali Brown & Mark Silver to learn more about doing business from my heart while aiming to create a successful business.

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