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                                                 The Women I Serve on this website

   This website is for business and professional women 
   over 40 w
ho are who are stepping up or out into a 
   new direction in life.

   You may have joined a network marketing group
   for the first time.

   You may have started your own business.

   You may want to sell your skills as an independent

   You may have written a book and now you want to 
   promote it.

   You may want to be a professional speaker.

   Or you want to present a more modern image in
   your workplace.
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Today everyone is dressing more casually. The clothes you wore in your previous work environment may not fit with where you are now headed.
With so many shops to visit, fashion can seem too young, too revealing or too dowdy. What do you wear to look professional, modern, approachable and individual?

You don’t have to overspend on your credit card.
You just have to apply the secrets of modern business casual dressing, develop the courage to buy only what suits your current body shape
and real personality and learn the tips and tricks to master the art of shopping confidently.

You still will have to fight the dress racks but you will learn which ones to avoid and which ones to head straight for.

These were the skills my clients asked for. And that's what this website is set up for.

It's for women who want help to bring out the 'Wow Factor in themselves:

 Where did the name ‘YourFutureDirection’ come from? 

It evolved from my first business name ‘Standing Tall Consultancy’ to this name because over the last 9 years I havebeen refining the direction my business is headed.

If you like me, walked away from a career and decided it was time to do something different for yourself,
it will often be a twisty, turney journey.
That’s the beauty and fear of discovering who you really are and revealing all the many sides of your
personality through the clothes you wear.
Then you’ll attract the people who need what you offer and those who’ll show you where to go next.

Such wisdom is wasted on the young.


'Until I met you shopping was always a nightmare for me. I never knew if I was after a pair of socks or a tiara! – and what shape, colour, size or style either of those should be.
You taught me how to shop: how to look at my wardrobe in relation to the dress code expected at the venue I would be attending - and to consider the lighting at the venue;
how to identify the item that was missing for a well put together and complete outfit; how to choose the colours and styles to suit me; and you directed my attention to the
details that brought my image to life – into the fresh new world of today’s look.  Thank you'               Josephine
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